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Kangxuyuan shengyuan Capsules (Five Herbs)
This product is a health product based on the main raw materials including spore powder of hirsutella hepialid chen et shen, ganoderma spore powder, American ginseng, rhodiola and Chinese yam, having immunity-enhancing health care effect. 
 (1) Packaging show: online version, offline version
 (2) Production approval: no
 (3) Brand positioning: competitive product with immunity-enhancing effect 
 (4) Brand slogan: Wuxiancao herb, nourishing and invigorating spirit, Qi and mentality. 
 (5) Effect of Five Herbs:
 (6) Mechanism: multi-point regulation, balanced nourishment 
Multi-point regulation:
    a. Spore powder of hirsutella hepialid chen et shen acts on the kidney and lung channels; ganoderma spore powder acts on heart, lung, liver and kidney channels; American ginseng acts on heart, lung, kidney and spleen channels; rhodiola acts on spleen and lung channels; Chinese yam acts on spleen, lung and kidney channels. Five Herbs brings together essences of five expensive Chinese medicines, with many nourishing ingredients, and arriving at five human targets of heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney. 
b. Spore powder of hirsutella hepialid chen et shen is worm in nature, and can nourish kidney and lung, stop bleeding and reduce phlegm; ganoderma spore powder is neutral in nature, and can nourish Qi and soothe the nerves, relieve cough and asthma; American ginseng is cool in nature, and can nourish Qi and Yin, clear heat and promote fluid; rhodiola is cold in nature, and can invigorate Qi and blood, activate meridian and relieve asthma; Chinese yam is neutral in nature, and can nourish spleen, stomach and lung, promote fluid. Five medicines complement each other in nature, regulate the five internal organs together, to achieve that “the five internal organs are strong so the illnesses disappear”. 
c. Five Herbs is rich in active ingredients including amino acids, nucleosides, polysaccharides and alkaloids, can regulate the nervous system, cardiovascular system, immune system, digestive system, and respiratory system, achieve anti-fatigue, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-tumor, and immunity-enhancing effects, and improve the human sub-health. 
Balanced nourishment: 
    a. Five Herbs follows traditional Chinese medicine theory, gathers the respective characteristics of five Chinese herbal medicines including spore powder of hirsutella hepialid chen et shen, ganoderma spore powder, American ginseng, Chinese yam and Rhodiola, and creates a overall comprehensive effect far more than single herb medicine through multi-channel and multi-target method. 
b. Formulated American ginseng is cool in nature, and spore powder of hirsutella hepialid chen et shen is warm in nature, so the cool and warm reconcile each other. Coupled with ganoderma spore powder, a new balance can be achieved, quiet nourishing but not too strong. Spore powder of hirsutella hepialid chen et shen replenishes essence, American ginsens nourishes Qi , ganoderma spore powder soothe the nerves, and compounding these three single herbs can nourish spirit, Qi and mentality at the same time; Chinese yam nourishes spleen and Qi; rhodiola nourishes spleen and invigorating Qi, and firms the foundation of acquired constitution. 
    c. Five medicines inspire and coordinate each other with scientific proportioning, achieving mild nourishment and regulation effect. The nourishing essence can arrive at heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney to nourish the five internal organs and the six hollow organs, and invigorate human body. 
(7) Applicable population: white-collar elite, the elderly, sick people, as gifts 
(8) Quality assurance: 
a. Selective raw materials: establishing a stable and standard medicine planting base, with green planting of authentic ingredients, fixed source base, designed producing area, designed harvest season, as well as natural and original ecology of raw materials. 
b. Lean study: Jumpcan Institute of Life Health develops health products in accordance with pharmaceutical standards. 
c. Sophisticated technology: using modern extraction technology to extract the active medicinal ingredient and concentrated essence of herbs; effectively controlling heavy metals, pesticide residues and other harmful impurities to ensure product quality. 
    d. State-of-the-art equipment: introducing leading international production and testing equipment, realizing automated production to ensure the safety and reliability. 
e. Precise effect: five authentic ingredients acts on heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney with scientific proportioning to promote the reconciliation of Yin and Yang, nourish Qi and blood, and regulate the immune system. 
    f. Fine service: establishing a consumer-centric service system, strengthening the service experience.