R & D Philosophy
Location: Home - New Product R&D
Leading the forefront, creating competitive products
Adhering to combining traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine; focusing on the development of new traditional Chinese medicines, the new leading domestic and foreign technologies, new product formulations, functional health products and daily use chemicals; Having others don’t have, refining others have, specializing others refine, to build the core competitiveness.
R & D Direction
Location: Home - New Product R&D
Medicines Research Institute focuses on the product R&D in preponderant fields including "pediatrics, gynecology, pneumology, gastroenterology and geriatrics", gradually formed pediatrics and gynecology characteristic R&D platform, and established eight R&D fields including anti-infection, digestive system, cardiovascular and anti-tumor. Medicines Research Institute adheres to the "leading the forefront, creating competitive products" concept, actively enters into new products R&D of military medical products, health products, and daily use chemicals, and strives to build a "big health" industrial R & D Height leading in China.
Medicines Research Institute
Location: Home - New Product R&D
Institute, Institute of Chinese Medicine, Institute of Pharmaceutical Preparations, Drug Analysis Institute, Formula Granule Research Institute, and Institute of Health Products and Daily Use Chemicals. A core R&D team led by doctors and masters is formed to undertake a series of important research tasks such as drug development and process improvement.
Institute of Chinese Medicine
established a high-quality and high efficiency R & D team consisted of doctors and masters, equipped with a number of advanced equipments such as supercritical extraction unit,macroporous resin dynamic unit and membrane filtration unit, carrying out modern medicine R & D of tablet, granule, soft capsule, dropping pill and other preparations, and having developed and been selling some Chinese patent medicines with exact effects and independent intellectual property rights.

Chemical Synthesis Institute
responsible for the synthesis study of chemical raw materials, established a high-quality R & D team led by doctors and masters, equipped with a series of imported equipments such asGerman IKA rotavapor, and having a complete experimental conditions at high temperature, low temperature, high pressure and hydrogenation.

Institute of Pharmaceutical Preparations
responsible for independent research and development of oral solid dosage forms, injections, lyophilized powder for injection, transdermal preparations and so like, equipped with a number of domestic and foreign advanced preparation equipments including ultra-fine pulverizer, one-step granulator, multifunctional coating machine and lyophilizer, and having a high-quality R & D team with wealth of experience in formulation development.

Drug Analysis Institute
responsible for quality standard research and stability study of Chinese medicine, chemical medicine, health products and daily use chemicals, equipped with Waters UPLC-Q-Tof, Gilson Pre-HPLC, Malvern laser particle size analyzer, and HPLC and other first-class testing equipments.

Oral Health Academy
Location: Home - New Product R&D
Oral Health Academy was established in 2014, aimed to transplant the company’s hit product the owner of the 14th Excellent Chinese Patent Award - Pudilan Anti-inflammatory Oral Liquid and its unique effects of "anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral" to the daily use chemicals. Based on the classic recipe of Pudilan Anti-inflammatory Oral Liquid, inheriting Pudilan Anti-inflammatory Oral Liquid’s effects of "anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral", relying on more than ten years clinically proven of "Pudilan Anti-inflammatory Oral Liquid", and containing patented extraction of "Pudilan active essence", Pudilan toothpaste can improve gingivitis, periodontitis, mouth ulcers, swollen gums and other oral problems caused by inflammation from the illness sources. Oral-strengthening type, excellent oral care type and Pudilan child toothpaste and other 12 toothpastes have been successfully released. Meanwhile, professional bleed-stopping, professional whitening, professional anti-allergic, professional anti-caries, professional anti-inflammatory, and professional anti-ulcer toothpaste are being developed, and the Pudilan shower gel, mouthwash and other high-tech oral care products based on Chinese medicine are being developed also.